The Trip Reports of Zachary Nixon

Climbing and Hiking Excursions

Earthquake Hollow - New Bloomfield MO - April 4 2019

Hiking in Missouri was fairly new to me at this point, I hadn't seen a lot outside of the Springfield/Branson area and was curious to explore more. A few of my friends in the Central Missouri area had informed me of a rather interesting a spot just outside of the capital city. This place was called Earthquake Hollow, and was a conservation area with not a lot of foot-traffic, dense vegetation, and crevasses allegedly caused by earthquakes. When I got the invite to come out and explore the trails my friends had made, I quickly said yes and was on my way.

Upon arrival, I could barely make out the actual area we would be trekking through.  The woods were dense, the trails were not marked, and the destination was completely unclear.  Regardless, I couldn't help but be excited for "The Unknown."  After packing a healthy amount of water and a headlamp into my pack, we were off!  

The trail itself was nonexistent, but I trusted that my friends wouldn't lead me into an area that we couldn't get out of.  After cutting through high weeds and jumping over a barbed-wire fence or two, the area began to open up and the destination became more clear.  It was around 1.5 miles of hiking before we could see the rocks that led to the area being dubbed Earthquake Hollow.  The crevasses were not the deepest I have seen, but they were impressive nonetheless!  

The most impressive rock formation I found.

Looking down from the top.

Letting my feet hang into one of the crevasses.

Fun wall for freestyle climbing!